What is APM Technology?

ZEC Lubrication oil additives use Active Polar Molecule technology (APM) to electrochemically bond a molecular layer to all metal surfaces that are lubricated by the primary lubricant. The result is superior anti-friction, extreme pressure, anti-corrosive and boundary lubrication properties to meet the ever increasing high demands of today’s harsh industrial applications.

How ZEC Lubrication is Different

Unlike oil treatments that only seek to fortify a lubricant oil with thickness and particulates, ZEC Lubrication oil additives treat and protect where the friction damage actually happens on the engine’s metal surfaces. The existing oil is used as a carrier to distribute the metal conditioners throughout the equipment, resulting in reduced friction and improved overall performance.

How it Reduces Friction

how_ZECL_works650Due to their ability to create an electrochemical bond with metal surfaces at a molecular level, ZEC Lubrication oil additives create a significantly lowered co-efficient of friction. This occurs because a bonded ZEC Lubrication layer protects and prevents the surface-level microscopic jagged peaks (known as “asperities”) from  interlocking with opposing  asperities while in contact with other metal parts. Instead of interlocking and breaking off even more, larger asperities, the jagged peaks are allowed to deform smoothly and become rounded and flat by the process of plastic deformation.

Because the metal surfaces are now smooth and continuously protected by the ZEC Lubrication layer, the primary lubricant is allowed to remain in its “hydrodynamic mode” (maintaining a fluid film at all potential points of contact), whether on sliding, rotating or interlocking surfaces. Harmful metal to metal contact typically caused by machine start-up or periodic/cyclical heavy loading of the equipment, is dramatically decreased. As a result of this continuous protection, the equipment will remain lubricated even if the equipment’s primary lubricant is lost or removed. This may prevent short-term  failure and provide emergency lubrication protection in the event of accidental or catastrophic loss of primary lubricant.

How it Improves Cooling System Performance

ZECL_HET650ZEC Lubrication’s cooling technology saves energy and ultimately reduces operating costs by creating a new film on the inside of coils. This enables the system to efficiently transfer heat, resulting in lower head pressure and colder evaporator coils and allowing the set point to be reached quicker and the compressor to cycle off more often.

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“Instead of merely treating the oil, ZEC Lubrication uses APM technology to treat and protect where the friction damage actually happens on the engine’s metal surfaces.” -Pierre Guillemette, ZEC Lubrication CTO




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