Based in Ottawa, Canada, the ZEC Lubrication oil additives were first formulated more than 15 years ago for use on heavy machinery in Northern Ontario’s mining region. Since that time, the formula has been proven in a wide range of industry applications, including engines of all sizes, gears, hydraulics and large-scale cooling systems. The formula is now its 6th generation, with new innovations currently under development.

ZEC Lubrication’s proven results in the field and partnerships with leading organizations such as the Ontario Power Authority,, the University of Ottawa and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, make us a reliable supplier for your mechanical performance needs.


The ZEC Group

ZEC Lubrication is part of the ZEC Group of Companies, a family of independent companies that includes full service electrical construction and maintenance capabilities, world class research and development in wind power generation, and innovations in mechanical engineering.

ZEC_Logo_ZEC_RGBZEC is a full service electrical design, construction, and maintenance firm. The company has a 35 year proven track record, and has worked on many of  the largest and most complex electrical construction projects in the National Capital Region.

ZEC-W_AltLogo_RGBZEC Wind Power is an innovator in wind turbine  technology. The company’s  next generation turbine design will set the standard for high yield wind power generation.

ZEC-L_Primary_White_64 About Us PageZEC Lubrication provides a family of industrial-grade oil additives that significantly improves mechanical performance of engines, hydraulics, gears and cooling systems.