Maximize Cooling Power and Reduce Energy Consumption

iStock_000010748069_Medium_275_widthZEC Lubrication has created a metal conditioner that, when added to any conventional AC&R lubricant in HVAC systems, increases the efficiency of the system, increases the cooling output, and decreases power consumption.




Application Examples

AC-XL is specially formulated to protect and prolong the life of the compressor unit and to restore the lost efficiency of the heat exchanger system due to fouling. This results in less maintenance and down time for HVAC&R equipment and reduces operating costs. AC-XL is completely inert relative to all refrigerants and their respective lubricants and will not affect filter performance in any way. Use AC-XL on your commercial and residential air conditioners, refrigeration systems, heat pumps, ammonia and non-ammonia systems.

“…The product is a beneficial component of our overall HVAC maintenance program. We have experienced improved performance without any negative impact to the units involved.”- Bob Fredenthal, Public Works Director, Paducah, Kentucky