Eliminate Friction and Wear on your Gears

iStock_000018266483_275-widthZEC Lubrication’s oil additive APM-PRO uses Active Polar Molecule technology (APM) to treat ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces, eliminating the friction and wear that reduces gear life. The addition of APM-PRO to your gear lubrication will ensure continuous protection from harmful metal to metal contact, typically caused by dry start-ups.



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Application Examples

APM-PRO is inherently drawn to the heat at the interface at the meshing point of gears. This ensures consistent lubrication through the entire system even at the high pressure points where lubricant is usually pushed away. APM-PRO inhibits corrosion and rust and leaves no deposits. Use APM-PRO on your gear boxes, manual transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, reduction gears and steering boxes.

“The metal treatment to the Babbitt bearings in this specified application reduced the operating temperature by more than 50%. ” – Murray Brothers Lumber Co.