Eliminate Dry Start-ups and Extend Engine Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Active Polar Molecule technology (APM) used by ZEC Lubrication in APM-PRO oil additive allows for improved efficiency and extended engine life when added to a primary lubricant. When used in this heavy engine context, APM-PRO protects equipment by allowing the primary lubricant to remain in its hydrodynamic mode, thereby allowing metal parts to slide smoothly.



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How to Treat an Engine

There are numerous benefits you can expect to see after applying APM-PRO to any engine. Here are some suggested guidelines for measuring the performance improvements.

(1) Follow the APM-PRO usage guidelines to determine the correct usage ratio.
(2) As an optional step for first time treatments, many mechanics disconnect the negative (black) cable on the vehicle’s battery for at least one minute to reset the ECU, allowing the engine to adjust to its new fuel efficiency.
(3) Perform the baseline tests listed below to record the engine’s pre-treatment performance. After running the engine under normal conditions for one week to achieve treatment of the metal surfaces, re-run the same tests and record the post-treatment observations listed in the table.

To learn more, refer to our Usage Guide.

Pre-Treatment Baseline Measures Post-Treatment Observations
Cold cranking amps Reduction in cold cranking amps indicating less friction
Individual cylinder compression Improved compression (see notes below)
Spectrometric oil analysis results over several oil changes Reduction in wear metals
Typical fuel consumption Measurably lower fuel consumption
Dynamometer tests to establish performance pattern Increased horsepower and/or torque
Exhaust emissions Reduced exhaust emissions

Note that higher compression improvement is most likely with older engines that have carbon build-up (coking) causing piston rings to stick. The treating process helps free rings, thereby restoring and maintaining compression. The resulting compression increase can also increase cold cranking amps, and should be figured into cold cranking amp test results. Best cold cranking amps reduction after treatment is seen on engines that have not suffered reduced compression.