APM-PRO is an industrial-grade oil additive that uses active polar molecule technology (APM) to significantly reduce wear and friction, resulting in dramatically improved performance of engines, gears and hydraulics. The APM-PRO formula has been proven in industry applications for over 15 years, while independent test data has shown it can reduce friction by 45%.

Unlike oil treatments that only seek to fortify a lubricant oil with thickness and particulates, ZEC Lubrication oil additives treat and protect where the friction damage actually happens on the engine’s metal surfaces. The existing oil is used as a carrier to distribute the metal conditioners throughout the equipment, resulting in reduced friction and improved overall performance.

Applications & Benefits


Gasoline, Diesel or Natural Gas Engines
Gearboxes, Transmissions, Differentials
Hydraulic  Pumps, Motors, Valves and Cylinders


Drastically reduces dry start-up wear
Protects internal parts
Enhances fluid film strength across operational range
Prevents corrosion
Leaves no engine deposits
Maintains seal pliability and extends their useful life
Improves power & compression
Increases fuel economy & reduces emissions


Independent Test Results

The ZEC Lubrication oil additive formula has been thoroughly tested to meet the demands of industrial use. Included among the many tests performed was the Anti-Friction (ASTM-D 4172-B Coefficient of Friction-Four Ball Wear) test and the Extreme Pressure (ASTM-D 3233 Falex Pin & V-Block) test. The summary results are below.


Recommended Usage Ratios

Add APM-PRO to the machine’s lubrication oil at the percentages below. If oil volume is critical, drain oil equal to the amount of APM-PRO being added. Use Standard ratio for most applications and Maximum ratio when machine is experiencing extreme wear. To learn more, refer to our Usage Instructions.

Application Standard Maximum
Engine (<6 L) 3% 6%
Engine (>6 L) 6% 10%
Hydraulic system 3% 6%
Gearbox 8% 15%
Differential 8% 15%
Manual transmission 8% 15%
Transfer cases 8% 15%
Compressors 6% 6%

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Usage and Safety

Usage Instructions
Free of chlorinated paraffins
Contains no particulates (ex. Teflon®/PTFE)
Non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic

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