ZECL_APM-PRO_RGB_on_BlackReduced water temperatures, reduced fuel consumption.

“We were having problems
with high water temps near the end of feature races. After putting APM-ZECL_AC-XL_RGB_on_Black-183wPRO in our engine oil, we couldn’t get the water temps over 190°F. At the end of our feature APM-PRO dropped our water temp 40°F. We put APM-PRO in our power steering and Chris, our driver, said the power steering felt smoother and more responsive.
Also, our engine didn’t stumble on restarts after we put in APM-PRO. We saved 5 gallons of methanol over a two night racing weekend. Water temp also dropped in our motorhome. Our Motorhome had more power from putting APM-PRO in the engine.”

~Bill Durand/ Chris Durand, Durand Racing, winged & non winged dirt sprint car, 2014 OTS Champion.

Reduced engine temperatures.

“This thing is fast now! My car’s water temperature is down. All I can hear is the tires on the road and the air going around the car when the radio is off. I love this stuff!”

~Kathy Henhawk 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Reduced oil temperatures.

“Our rear end gears were much cooler to handle after the Syracuse Mile. Our engine’s coolant temperature was also way down.”
~Eddie Sachs – Team owner – MI, USA, Eddie Sachs Racing #25 Silver Crown Series

Reduced engine noise, increased power, improved fuels economy, and reduced friction in the gearbox.

“My service truck is shifting better. Truck has an increase in power that’s quite noticeable. APM-PRO was put into the power steering and the steering is easier. Plus I noticed the engine is quieter and the truck is getting better fuel mileage.”

~Buck Brown – Owner, Buck’s welding 2002 GMC Service Truck, Hamilton, ON 

Increased fuel economy, reduced engine temperatures.

“I put APM-PRO in the power steering and engine of our race team’s motorhome. The engine is a 10 cylinder engine by FORD.
I noticed our coolant temps went a little lower, it steered easier, engine ran better and we seemed to save fuel on the way home from Super Dirt Week. APM-PRO is lovely stuff!”

~ Wes Irwin – owner/driver Car #9, Albert/Irwin Racing, Wes Irwin Motorsports, Lebanon, PA

Reduced engine noise, increased fuel economy.

“I put APM-Pro in the engine and power steering of my personal car/daily driver. I noticed the steering became easier. The car runs smoother, quieter and I’m saving gas. Pretty neat stuff!”

~Wayne Witmer – 2014 Big Diamond Speedway Sportsman Series Champion, Wayne Witmer Racing – Pine Grove, PA

Drastically reduces friction and eliminates dry start up wear
“After the treatment, the elevator was operated consistently due to large performance that ran nightly for the entire next week. No problems have been reported by any of the city staff or performers since the treatment. the treated elevator appears to run smoother and has also increased its speed between doors.

~ Marty Sparks, Operations Manager Engineering, City of Norfolk, Civic Facilities
Lowers operating oil temperatures and reduces oil oxidation

“Adding the metal treatment to the Babbitt bearings in this specified application reduced the operating temperature by more than 50%.”

~ Murray Brothers Lumber Co.

Improves performance, reduces down time.

“An example of one of the many problems encountered is the large park industries bridge saw. e saw’s two SKF
spherical bearings supporting the blades arbor shaft have failed more than once, causing production delays. With
the manufacturer’s recommended grease the average life of the bearings has been about 1500 hours. New bearings treated with another additive lasted 2200 hours. Again new bearings but this time treated with the [APM-PRO formula], the bearings are well past the 2200 hour predicted failure point. To date the bearings have accumulated 2500 hours and are still going strong.”

~ Mike Poliette

Increases cooling output, maintains seal pliability

“The cooling capacity increase validates the claims of the ability of the AC-XL formula to substantially reduce the oil fouling problem in air conditioning systems. at ability makes it possible to almost return to original operating
condition of a system of considerable age. Applying the AC-XL formula to new devices should prevent the oil fouling condition from eroding the efficiency of that device over time.”

~ Chuck Fuller, InterteK Product Analysis and Summary Report

Reduces maintenance and down time

“I had a pie cooler that had never reached the temperature as long as I had owned it. Less than 30 minutes after the additive had been put into the pie cooler, it reached the proper temperature and stopped running for the first time ever. I have had no breakdowns in over one year. I am saving the KWH’s monthly but the thing that impressed me is the fact that my monthly service maintenance has been reduced by $600.00 – $1,000.00 per month.”

~ Robert L. Holman, Owner, e Holman House Cafeteria