AC-XL is an industrial grade oil additive specifically designed for use in cooling systems and which can improve cooling capacity by more than 20%. The AC-XL formula uses active polar molecule (APM) technology to target the built-up oil layer in a cooling system, resulting in increased heat transfer and dramatically improved energy efficiency.

Applications & Benefits



Air conditioning systems
Refrigeration systems
Heat pump systems
Ammonia and non-ammonia based systems
Residential and commercial applications


Increases cooling output
Extends compressor life
Reduces energy consumption
Cuts system cycle time
Drastically reduces friction and wear
Increases oil lubricating capability
Restores lost efficiency by removing oil build up


Independent Test Results

Used in cooling systems since 1996, the ZEC Lubrication formula has consistently resulted in measurable drops in the AC air vent temperature, resulting in improved AC performance, including less cycle time, higher cooling output, and reduced energy consumption. The graph below shows the results from an Intertek study done on a 20 tonne rooftop air conditioner – you can download the full report summary here.


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AC-XL Factsheet
AC-XL Whitepaper
Technology Overview
Performance Data
InterteK Case Study
Outback Case Study

Usage and Safety

Usage Instructions
Inert relative to all refrigerants and lubricants
Free of chlorinated paraffins
Contains no particulates (ex. Teflon®/PTFE)
Non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic

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