Improve Hydraulic Seals and Reduce Down Time

iStock_000011462391_Medium_width_275Using Active Polar Molecule technology (APM), ZEC Lubrication’s APM-PRO improves seal performance in hydraulics. The superior anti-friction oil metal conditioner electro-chemically bonds a molecular layer to all metal surfaces that are lubricated by a primary lubricant. The result is continuous protection of your hydraulic equipment, lessening the need for down time and maintenance attention.



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Usage Examples

APM-PRO improves seal performance which reduces losses and extends time between maintenance. APM-PRO inhibits corrosion and rust and leaves no deposits and does not affect hydraulic filter performance.

Use APM-PRO on your hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.

No problems have been reported with the elevator by any of the city staff or performers since the treatment. The treated elevator appears runs smoother and has also increased its speed between floors.” -Marty Sparks, Operations Manager Engineering, City of Norfolk (Civic Facilities)